Top 10 Disadvantages of Joomla CMS

Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS), which helps you to create web sites and effective online applications. Any Joomla Web Development Company offers various services to its clients, including web development, template design, conversion of templates, extension development, maintenance and support service etc. There are various features in Joomla, like its easy to use, wider extensibility, and many other such aspects that make Joomla one of the most widely demanded website software. However, while considering its positive features, we cannot ignore the negative aspects of Joomla.

Disadvantages of Joomla CMS

1. While Joomla is known to have modules and templates, the adjustments options are very limited. For the more advanced users, there is always something missing.

2. For very large Joomla websites’ modularity and expendability, the server resources and efficiency reduces. It cannot take too much load. However, for small websites with less than 50,000 visitors, this is not a problem, at least not in the beginning.

3. Whereas some CMS like WordPress, Drupal are for free, most of the plugins and modules are paid for in Joomla. So if you are in budget constraint, check out the functionality you need before choosing Joomla.

4. Also, while working on Joomla platform, there may be certain compatibility issues while using the plugins. At times, for some functionalities to work, we need to change some of the PHP codes.

5. For the first-time users, Joomla website with various functions is not so simple to use.

6. It is not possible to recognise easily a Joomla website unless and until we check the source code. A professional Joomla web development company do not use standardized template and rather create websites that are totally not recognizable as a Joomla website.

7. Joomla offers a number of extensions. At present, it has more than 3000 extensions, and hence becomes a big problem for the users to keep a track of so many extensions.

8. Considering the fact that it is easy to manage a Joomla website, it also becomes an easy victim to hackers who can edit the website. A Joomla site is less secure.

9. According to many, Joomla is not so SEO friendly. The search engine optimization of a Joomla website can greatly be done by installing the SEF plugin.

10. Java script and CSS can get bulky in a Joomla website, especially when you want to change the layout of the site.

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